Maintenance Spill Kits

Maintenance Spill Kits

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An economical spill response kit that is easy to carry and small enough to put behind the seat of a ..


Waterproof holdall allows the kit to be stored outside. The maintenance pads have cover stocks that ..


Our Drizit Maintenance Drum Spill Kit absorbs general liquids including non-corrosive liquids, hydro..


Our Drizit Maintenance Mini Spill Kit 1 is an ideal spill kit to deal with small scale spills of non..


Our Drizit Maintenance Mini Kit 2 is an ideal spill kit to deal with small scale non-corrosive liqui..


These pads have open edges for quick wicking. High strength spunbound coverstocks prevent lint stick..


The maintenance roll is a workshop favourite, easily dispensed and ideal for walkways, with open edg..


The maintenance sock has a knitted outer skin with fast absorbency speeds. It absorbs more than 4 li..

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