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Provides instant seals and cures rapidly. When fully cured it’s capable of sealing metal threaded ..


Two part, cold curing epoxy resin adhesive. Suitable for bonding a wide range of surfaces includin..


Ideal for low-strength thread locking on adjusting screws, countersunk head screws and set screws...


Medium strength (16Nm break away) oil tolerant design for direct application onto parts where a li..


High strength (40Nm break away) general purpose adhesive for permanent threaded assemblies. Secure..


A toughened structural adhesive formulated for bonding differing substrates as well as unprepared ..


Easily applied flexible gasket paste, which forms a tough purple temperature resistant gasket. Its..


Easily applied flexible gasket paste ideal for aluminium flanges forming a tough red, temperature ..


D542 for metal threaded fittings especially useful on hydraulic pipes. Used on low, medium and hig..

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