150l Heavy Duty Square Container Grey

Square shape offers up to 27% more capacity than round containers.

Comes with an ergonomic handle with a smooth and comfortable feel.

Reinforced rims add strength and durability.

Thick walls up to 4 mm add strength and durability.

Bottom hand grips of 30 mm width assist in emptying.

Tight fitting lids help protect the contents.

Square dollies are available to ensure easy mobility and maneuverability of heavy loads.



73 x 59.7 x 59.7 cm


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240L Biocat Recycling Centre

BioCat Recycling Centres are designed to be used in conjunction with the BioCat absorbent system.

Primarily designed for industrial use, the BioCat Recycling Centre allows the optimum use of BioCat absorbent and will radically reduce the amount of absorbed waste for disposal.

Portable, simple to use even simpler to maintain, the Recycling Centres are fully self contained to deal with a spill at the point of occurence.

Suitable for use in industrial premises and as portable kits in vehicles and on site.

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Hi Vis Contrast Coverall Lined

A garment designed to be completely practical and safe, the Contrast Coverall protects the body against wet conditions whilst ensuring safety. The quilted liner gives extra warmth.

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Princeware Chill Wheel Insulated Ice Box (50 Litres) - Green

 •The Princeware Chill Wheel Insulated Ice Box is ideal for providing refreshments at stadiums during various sports events, for catering businesses including hotels, restaurants, bars etc., for storing and carrying soft drink, dairy products, beer, cold water, ice etc. and for storing frozen fish, meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables

 •Tough rugged exterior

 •Easy grip lid locking side handles

 •Two glass holders on lid to keep glasses

 •Pick and carry convenience, collapsible handles and sturdy wheels

 •Ultratherm insulation

 •Insulated lid for best performance

 •Colour: Green

 •Capacity: 50 Litres / 53 Quarts

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