Prima Aluminium Pressure Cooker 3ltr (IKP33376)

Prima Aluminium Pressure Cooker 3ltr (IKP33376)

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This is a 3-litre stainless steel  heavy duty pressure cooker with self locking. It has close fitting glass lid that provides us ‘see through’ cooking convenience. it's so versatile and perfect for vegetables, meat, fruits, fish and grains. A large capacity means you can fit more of the stuff you love in and the easy-clean cooking pot means there's less time spent washing up after enjoying your culinary creations.As part of its unique design, the cooker also includes dual bake lite handle to provide a sturdy grip for further facilitating the comfort of the person who is cooking. The pressure regulator of this 3 liter pressure cooker ensures that sufficient amount of steam is safely released while cooking food.

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